Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Managing Information Overload - Research Progress

In today’s information and knowledge era, an increasing important of measuring intangible aspect of business cannot be denied as well as traditional measurement such as financial. Therefore, based on the current dynamic business environment, information and knowledge are considered as the key source of value of the firm to remain relevant in the business and ensuring the sustainability in the long run. It has been acknowledge that some part of the intangible components in the business cannot be measured directly. Therefore it must be managed properly to avoid firms facing information overload problems.
That refers to the situation that the firms may in the situation information rich but poor in term of knowledge.At the end of this research, the research findings will examine the information overload issues and determined whether it can be managed by using Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Model. The BSC is a strategic management system that helps organizations translate their strategies into objectives that drive both behaviour and performance
This research is focusing on managing information by using Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Model in Malaysian Telecommunication Industry. The research data was collected through survey among the sample taken from Malaysian Telecommunication Industry. Based on the sample size of 500 respondents, 152 (30.4%) have responded to the survey. The expected outcome of this research is to determine whether BSC model can reduce information overload problems.

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